Top Fall Sweet Treats

Salted Caramel Pumpkin Cookies – Yum!

Today is officially the first day of fall! Here in sunny Florida, it sure does not feel like it, but that’s not stopping me from getting into the fall festive mode. I already broke out the pumpkin scented candles, cinnamon potpourri, and fall place mats for my dining room table and now comes the fun part – fall baking!

I absolutely love to bake, but baking for the fall and winter seasons has always been a favorite activity of mine. There’s nothing like the flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, gingerbread, and peppermint to really get into the feel of the upcoming holiday months.

When baking, I personally only use coconut oil now in my recipes. I ditched the butter and vegetable oil for this healthy fat and can’t even begin to rant about how amazing it is!

Any baked good that would come out dense or dry has a completely different texture when coconut oil is used. To bake with coconut oil, simply swap out the butter or oil in your recipe a 1:1 ratio. I also use an organic, unrefined coconut oil to reap the natural health benefits that this oil contains.

Here are a few of my favorite fall sweets:

Caramel Apple Popcorn Recipe – Caramel apples just scream fall and when adding the combination of the two into popcorn, you will definitely have one addicting sweet treat! Feel free to drizzle extra coconut oil over top when freshly made.

Paleo Pumpkin Bites – These pumpkin bites resemble a muffin and are wonderful for a snack or on-the-go breakfast. If the batch is too large, you can freeze and thaw as desired.

White Chocolate Candy Corn Bark – With Halloween being right around the corner, this bark is so fun for little ones to help make. Candy corn has always been a hit when entertaining, so I figured why not put it into a white chocolate bark? Feel free to get creative and add fake spiders or any other Halloween inspired decorations to spice up the finished product.

Gluten-Free Peach Cobbler – This recipe is so easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious! This dessert is one of my favorites because it’s on the lighter side and won’t affect your waistline too much – guilt free is always better. Serve with whipped cream or Cool Whip for an added treat.

Salted Caramel Pumpkin Cookies – You can’t have fall without pumpkin cookies. The mixture of sea salt and caramel compliments this recipe perfectly and I love the way you get a semi-crunchy outside with a soft inside cookie – yum yum yum.

Hopefully you’ll find some fall inspiration from some of these sweet treats and will try using coconut oil the next time you bake!

What’s your favorite fall dessert to make?



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