Farm Restaurant’s Down Home Cooking

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

 With everyone’s busy schedules now a days, it’s nice to get a home cooked meal.  I think that’s part of the anticipation of a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, knowing it was prepared especially for you by loving family members and close friends.  Outside of Thanksgiving, if you want a classic down home meal you have to try FARM Restaurant in Bloomington, IN.

I traveled to the quaint college town for business in November when the temperature outside dipped to 40 degrees.  That is frigid weather for anyone who’s lived in Florida for more than a year!  Right away I started off with a creamy roasted pumpkin soup.  It had the intended effect and warmed me up immediately.  The flavors were wonderful, which was due in part to the bacon topping.  Yum.

For my second course, I decided to try something outside of my normal food comfort zone.  I usually shy away from murky meat choices on menus.  But I saw this one dish called “Not Yo Mama’s Meatloaf.”  Like I said, meatloaf isn’t my first choice, or usually even fifth choice of dinners, but after all this is FARM Restaurant not Cracker Barrel – so I ordered the meatloaf.  And this isn’t just any meatloaf.  It was filled with ground beef, pork, and venison.  The mashed potatoes on the side were topped with crunchy onion straws and in a creamy white gravy.  Turnip vegetables in sage completed the meal.  It was home cookin’ heaven!

Not Yo Mama's Meatloaf

Half eaten plate of turnips

Half eaten plate of turnips










FARM Restaurant describes their fare as the “best of Indiana’s bountiful produce.”  And it’s these local ingredients that “create global flavors.”  FARM was definitely delicious, real food, although probably not the healthiest.  Anything that good, had to have had real butter, real salt, and real gravy.. but it was oh so good.  It’s great to satisfy your cravings during non-holiday months, or even during the holidays when you wanna indulge without the hassle of going home.    Enjoy!






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