My Journey To Success

Sebastian and I representing Kelapo and 3rd Place!

For the past 12 weeks, I have put in the hard work and dedication all to better my body for a few minutes of stage time. I compete in the bikini division of bodybuilding and just recently competed in the Europa Games this weekend in Orlando. I’m extremely proud to say that I placed 3rd!! I started to really get into working out and having a healthy lifestyle a little over a year ago when my boyfriend brought up the idea of me competing. He competes in bodybuilding, so it was extremely helpful having my significant other understand what I was going through at all times. I would spend countless hours in the gym lifting weights and doing cardio and agility all to perfect myself. Some may call me crazy, but I love it.

I actually did Europa for my first competition last year and came in 12th place. After a year’s worth of constant determination, it felt so good to place 3rd in the same show! Throughout my training, I had high fats in my diet about 3 to 4 times a week, up until I was a month out from my competition. This was my first year incorporating coconut oil into those high fat days, but I now swear by it! I would either cook my chicken and rice with the tablespoon that I was allowed to have, mix it in with my oatmeal, or add it to my protein shake post-workout. The spike of energy that I got after consuming it really helped me throughout the day. I’m taking about a week to enjoy myself with some goodies and Erin was so sweet to bring in cupcakes for a celebration at the office yesterday! I definitely enjoyed those! My plan is to get back on track after that and then do another competition in August.

My advice to anyone who is dieting for their own benefit or even if you compete; never give up on yourself! I can’t tell you how many countless times I would want to give up, but I had to push myself and keep going. You have to work past that mental struggle with yourself and for that, I know I’m a strong person. I lost 20 pounds, built muscle, and feel better than ever! Achieving a personal goal is one of the most rewarding accomplishments and I’m so glad I did it!

For more tips on how to incorporate coconut oil into your dieting, check out my Top 5 Uses for Coconut Oil and Working Out. Have you had a fitness success story? We would love to hear how you achieved your journey!


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