Food is Happiness

Food = Happiness

Whether you’re gathering with family for dinner, learning a new recipe, or annihilating fast food after a night out with your friends, food provides more than a means to survive. It not only sustains life but can give us pleasure and comfort.  We personally base our healthy lifestyle around organic nutrition, regular exercise, and natural remedies. We can’t guarantee that you’ll win Top Chef, but our simple recipes can turn an ordinary meal into a happy, healthy experience.  








We especially enjoy adding good fats like coconut oil into fruit smoothies, fresh vegetable dishes, and egg breakfasts to create exotic tropical flavors while providing high energy for your active life. Those with a sweet tooth can use it in traditionally sweet dishes, like oatmeal, as a healthy alternative for sugar. It’s also ideal for use in baking cakes, brownies and muffins.

In 2021, our goal is to make it the happiest, healthiest year yet. So welcome to the new year and get ready for fresh ideas, useful tips & tricks, and tons of great recipes from all of us at Coconut Oil Cooking!




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