Free Sample Feedback

We recently ran a promotion on Facebook and gave out a ton of free samples.  Here is some of the great feedback we received!

“I received my sample of Kelapo coconut oil in the mail today and couldn’t wait to try it! The enclosed tips and recipe were greatly appreciated. I didn’t know much about coconut oil and after reading the flyer, I suggested to my husband that we should start using coconut oil instead of olive oil. I decided to use a tiny bit of the sample to remove my mascara tonight, sort of as a challenge, because I can never get all of it off. I have those irritatingly white blonde lashes that can’t be seen unless someone is six inches from my face, so I have to use mascara so my eyelashes are visible. This is truly the first product to EVER get all of the residual gunk off of my eyes! I can’t stop raving about it! I even called my mother at 11:30 at night to brag to her about how amazing this product is! I can’t wait to try my first recipe tomorrow (I’m planning on taking the peanut butter brownies to a party) and tell everyone I know about Kelapo Coconut Oil!”

– Anna R., SC

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– Jen

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