Frozen Greek Yogurt Bites

Frozen Greek Yogurt!

Everyone has those mornings where you’re so rushed that there is barely any time to make breakfast. Well, I seem to have mornings like this a lot lately, so I’ve been coming up with creative ways to get fuel for my body while on-the-go. I had an addiction to fruit flavored Greek yogurt for the longest time, but the 15-20 grams of sugar in one serving added up pretty quickly.

In order to get my serving of healthy fats and protein from the Greek yogurt, I came up with an all-in-one solution – frozen Greek yogurt bites. I’m a little too excited that I had the idea to add water flavoring liquids, such as Mio or Crystal Lite, to my Greek yogurt. How amazing is this?! With all the flavors out now, I can making flavors such as cherry or mango and not feel one bit of guilt.

To make my frozen concoction, I mix coconut oil, Greek yogurt, and any desired flavor of water flavoring, add into ice cube trays, and let this freeze. With these flavored Greek yogurt bites, I’m getting my serving of coconut oil in a delicious way and an added boost of energy. Here’s what you need:


2 serving cups of 0% plain Greek yogurt

1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted

Liquid water enhancer, your flavor choice


  1. Place yogurt in a small dish and add in melted coconut oil. Stir in desired amount of water enhancer until sweet enough for taste.
  2. Next, spoon yogurt into ice cube trays and put into the freezer overnight.
  3. Break apart during the morning and enjoy!

These frozen bites are great to grab and eat in your car while on the way to work, taking little ones to school, or even running errands. You can even make these for a snack for kids as well! For more breakfast ideas, be sure to take a look at our recipe for turkey meatloaf muffins, chocolate coconut protein bread, and pancake muffins.


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