Happy New Year’s Eve!

Best Wishes for a Healthy 2012

 Goodbye 2011.  You were a good year.  We added Jen full time to our team in March and married off Alison back in June.  Lots of hard work brought our Kelapo team lots of good luck and good fortunes.  Want to up your chances of good luck, prosperity, health, and wealth in 2012 try these tips!

Wear a brand spanking new pair of yellow panties or briefs on NYE.  It’s better if they are bought for you from someone else.

At the stroke of midnight eat a grape for each month of the year.  For extra luck, make it 13 grapes.

Open the front door and let out the old bad spirits and allow the new ones to come in.  You can try sweeping out the old ones as well.

Before midnight, walk down the stairs or around the block with your suitcase for a new year full of travel.

Don’t forget the always important New Year’s Eve kiss!


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