Healthy Back To School Ideas

Healthy Ideas!

Another Natural Products Expo East has come and gone, but I can truly say it was an amazing weekend! We transformed our booth for this expo by revealing a new design to showcase all our coconut oil products and give an interactive feel with iPads and a projection screen. The no-grain granola and black bean brownies that we served courtesy of Keep It Real Food Company were also a hit! When I had some down time from working, I took the opportunity to walk the expo floor to scope out new products and releases.

Being a college student, I’m always on the lookout for healthy foods and products that are great for everyday use. All of these products listed below are great for back-to-school breakfast ideas, snacks, and the all important immunity support (late night anyone?). Finding a healthier, more natural alternatives to items that may currently stock my pantry or medicine cabinet is something I’m always trying to do. Let’s take a look at what I found:

Vans Natural Foods– From waffles, to bars, and crackers, Vans Natural Foods line of products is great for breakfast and snacks. I picked up a bag of their “Say Cheese!” gluten-free crackers that were very tasty! These crackers are loaded with oats, brown nice, millet, and amaranth (a plant based protein with amino acids). Another benefit of these crackers, there are no trans-fat, artificial colors or flavors, and they are cholesterol-free and corn-free.

Ola! Granola– I became slightly obsessed with this granola over the few days I was at expo. I loved I could pronounce everything on ingredients list (read: no artificial ingredients). With flavors such as vanilla almond, cranberry orange pecan, and honey, this is the perfect addition to breakfast or homemade trail mix. The one-ounce packets are great for portion control and a perfect grab-and-go snack!

Pur Gum– This sugar-free gum is one of my favorites because it does not contain aspartame, they used Xylitol instead. I personally think there was a better taste to this gum and the flavor lasted for a long time. Speaking of flavors, there’s no shortage: peppermint, wintergreen, and pomegranate mint…there’s something for everyone!

Florida’s Natural Organic Au’some Nuggets– Let me start off by saying, these little fruit flavored snacks will be your new addiction. These are a healthy alternative to candy and other sugar packed snacks on the market. Packed with vitamin C, these snacks are made even better because they don’t have preservatives or artificial flavors. You can’t go wrong with packing these as a mid-day treat.

Herbion All-Natural Cough Drops– With cold and flu season right around the corner, I like to keep cough drops stashed in my bag at all times. I came across Herbion cough drops and loved the fact that they are made with all natural ingredients, while still tasting great! With orange, lemon, and original menthol, there’s a variety to choose from when you’re feeling under the weather.

Overall, the Kelapo team had a great time in Baltimore and we can’t wait to go back again next year! Just a reminder, replacing coconut oil for butter and other oils is a healthier alternative as well when cooking and baking. Give one of our recipes a try!


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