Healthy Burger Swaps

Try our 350 Calorie Shrimp Burger instead of ground beef on Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is almost here! That means lots of cookouts with lots of unhealthy foods. At your cookout on Monday, try these simple swaps to make your burgers a little more healthy and just as delicious! In addition to all of these healthy swaps, make sure you keep portion control in mind. Eat one patty instead of two and don’t make a huge 1/2 pound burger to make up for the missing patty.

Swap lean protein for ground beef – Ground beef can be super fatty, so try a leaner protein instead. Try ground turkey, ground chicken, salmon, lean ground beef, or even shrimp. Make sure to look at the label closely to make sure the meat you are buying is actually low in fat. Here are a few recipe ideas: Salmon Burgers, Buffalo Chicken Burger, or 350 Calorie Shrimp Burger.

Swap the bun – If you are watching your carb intake or maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle try these simple swaps instead of using a bun. Use lettuce and turn it into a burger wrap, use a gluten-free bun, or simply skip the bun all together. The burger will be just as delicious without the bread!

Swap avocado for mayo – Forget the mayo on your burger and try some avocado instead. It will still give you that creamy consistency you are craving, but it’s a much healthier fat.

Add healthy flavor boosters – Instead of adding creamy spreads to your burger for flavor, try using fresh herbs instead. Mix the herbs directly into your burger mixture for a flavorful burger.

Add more veggies – Add more veggies to your burger to make it a little healthier. Instead of topping your burger with iceberg lettuce, try romaine or spinach. Dice up more veggies like onions and peppers and mix them right into your burger mixture.


What is your favorite burger swap?

– Jen


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