Healthy Holiday “Emergency Snack Kit”

Chocolate Monkey Trail Mix!

With the Holidays in full swing, you will probably find yourself running around and not taking much time out of the day to eat. I can say that I have done this myself in previous years and it’s definitely not the healthiest thing to do. This year, I have gotten smarter about planning around Holiday shopping and parties, making sure that I eat a well-balanced breakfast and have my “emergency snack kit” on hand at all times.

Not sure where to start on building your snack kit? My best advice is to go back to the basics – what are your favorite healthy foods and which of those foods will give you the most nutritious benefits while you’re on-the-go?

I make sure to have some type of nut and dried fruit and then build up from there. I chose to order my snacks for, an online store that has hundreds of healthy snacks, nuts, dried fruit, and even coffee! Here’s a list of items that are in my “emergency snack kit.”

Organic Chia Energy Squares – These energy squares do a wonderful job of helping my sweet tooth and also give me a great source of energy throughout the day. The squares are perfect if you’re driving or even at your work desk – all in one and no mess! Packed with organic chia seeds, you’ll receive an excellent source of omega-3 essential fatty acids with each bite. Cashew pieces give your diet a heart-healthy boost of monounsaturated fat while dried fruits like organic dates and apricots are rich in fiber and vitamins.

Dried Berry Mix – If you’re like me and can’t decide which berry you like best, then this mix is for you! Talk about an antioxidant boost – blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, sour cherries, strawberries, and cranberries all in one. One serving of our berry mix provides 3 grams of dietary fiber to support a healthy digestive system. Fiber also makes these dried berries a satisfying treat, and curbs the desire to snack on unhealthy foods later in the day. I take this mix with me if I’m going to a Holiday party or lunch, this way I won’t want to indulge too much on the bad foods.

Hickory Smoked Almonds – Almonds are a snack that I always carry around with me and the flavor of these hickory smoked almonds are absolutely AMAZING! A single serving of these almonds packs 6 grams of protein per serving, and offers vitamin E, fiber, calcium, iron and antioxidants. Personally, almonds tend to fill me up, so I always take them on long shopping trips. It’s so convenient that you can walk and eat these at the same time!

Beef Jerky – This teriyaki beef jerky is fresh and made with natural teriyaki flavoring and the highest quality all natural ingredients. Beef jerky is definitely a snack that has a unique, but great taste, and is loaded with protein. I rely on beef jerky for a serving of protein while I’m out running around or forgot to pack a lunch for work.

Chocolate Monkey Trail Mix – This trail mix is one of my favorites because of the combination of all the ingredients. Not only do you get a little bit of chocolate from the chocolate covered bananas, there are also dried bananas, honey roasted cashews, peanuts, sour cherries, and whole cranberries. From all the ingredients, you benefit from potassium and natural antioxidants from the cherries and cranberries.

To make my “emergency snack kit,” I put all of these items into separate plastic baggies and then keep them in a drawer at my desk and also in my purse or the center console of my car. This way, my snacks are on me at all times and there is no risk of me going the entire day without eating!

I also purchased some German Chocolate Cake coffee from the website to have for each morning. I start my day but brewing coffee and adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to the coffee. By doing so, I receive my serving of healthy fats right when I wake up, along with an added energy boost from the medium chain triglycerides which are found in coconut oil.

Hopefully this will give some insight on how to fully prepare for the Holiday season! Be sure to keep a balance of healthy eating, while enjoying your sweets and treats from parties and work lunches.


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