Healthy Game Day Recipes

Spinach Cups!

If you’re like me, you’re probably already pre-planning what to make for the big game on Sunday! I personally don’t have too much interest in football, but I sure do love to entertain! Football Sunday’s are a great time to socialize with friends and of course, eat good food! I usually love to indulge in greasy appetizers and sweet desserts, but I have had a few requests to keep food on the healthier side for our upcoming event. I’m actually super excited to be making healthier options so I don’t go overboard with the weight gain on Monday morning.

For the recipes that I’m listing below, I used coconut oil as a replacement for butter or oil and using tons of veggies! Coconut oil is great for both baking and cooking and this healthy fat compliments both savory and sweet.

Bruschetta with Toasted Baguette Slices – I know that bread can add up with carbohydrates; however I make sure to slice the baguette super thin! This helps a lot with cutting down the amount of carbs consumed and remember that you can always have these in moderation. The recipe is also quick and easy to make, which is great if you are pressed for time. Tomatoes and garlic always seem to be a hit and the hint of basil really brings out freshness in this appetizer.

Mini Eggplant Pizzas – This gluten free option is wonderful for those with allergies or even if you’re even wanting to stay away from bread. Get your little ones involved with placing your favorite toppings on these pizzas, which will then be a great way for them to eat vegetables!

Vegetarian Buffalo Wings – We took cauliflower and replaced it with chicken to make these delicious Vegetarian buffalo “wings.” Cauliflower is also a good source of vitamin K, protein, magnesium, fiber, and potassium. As a child, my dad would make fried cauliflower, so this was a different, but yummy version!

Spinach and Artichoke Phyllo Cups – This super easy recipe can be created ahead of time or the day-of any party. Of course, if you wanted to make this vegetarian friendly, you can just omit the meat. Picking a lean meat, like turkey, gives you plenty of flavor without any guilt or added fat. Don’t be afraid of coconut oil in savory dishes, this one turns out with so much flavor you’ll forget you’re using it!

Raw Coconut Balls – From talking about all these salty appetizers, we can’t leave out dessert! With only 5 ingredients, this dessert is healthy and a great way to satisfy any sweet tooth. If you want to add a little contrast of flavor, mix coconut oil and chocolate in a dish, then dip the coconut balls into the chocolate and place into the refrigerator – yum!

I hope that these recipes will help inspire you to make some healthier options at your Football Sunday party this weekend! Remember, adding a fruit and veggie tray to your party is another great way to incorporate healthy foods for snacking.


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