Heart Healthy Oils

When asked about a vegetarian source for the cholesterol and heart healthy benefits of fish oil, Pharmacist Suzy Cohen laid out her favorites. Guess which one made here list? That’s right, coconut oil! And in honor of Heart Health Month, we’re giving you the entire list of her favorite oils to use as part of your own healthy diet.

The best alternatives to Fish Oil include Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil: Suzy loves how versatile this oil is – from cooking to beauty, really the uses are endless. Her favorite way to use it is in her smoothies. “Coconut oil helps my brain, it’s known to support brain health,” Suzy says.

Chia seed oil: If you haven’t heard of a chia seed, you must be living under a rock. Your body, she says, converts the “alpha linolenic acid” into EPA and DHA, which are also found in fish oil.  “Chia seeds,” Suzy states, “also provide quercetin and antioxidants to support general cellular health.”

Grape seed oil: Looking for an alternative to olive oil for your salad dressings? Suzy recommends grabbing grape seed oil, instead.

Moringa: “A superfood used to combat malnutrition for centuries,” explains Suzy. You can find this seed in powder and softgel forms.

Argan oil: Like coconut oil, argan oil isn’t just for the hair, although it is great for that. This nut-based oil is packed with antioxidants and fatty acids, and has been linked to helping diabetes, blood pressure, and other health concerns.

Flaxseed oil: “It provides a natural source of estrogen, which is thought to knock out bad estrogen from your cells,” Suzy explains. “Like chia seed oil, it provides the precursor to EPA and DHA, which translates to protection to the colon, breast, prostate, skin, heart and joints.”


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