Homemade Caramel Sauce and Caramel Apples

Let me start by saying I love caramel sauce.  You can put it on so many things… ice cream, apples, brownies, cheesecake and just about any other fruit.  This time of year caramel apples are the perfect dessert, whether you’re just making one for a night in or a whole bunch for a Halloween party.  You can dress them up any way you want to, plus they are super quick and easy to make.


I started looking for recipes for a homemade caramel sauce since I have never made one before.  I quickly found out that there was a ton of butter in all of the recipes and they all say no substitutions.  Well I found my favorite recipe, broke their little rule, and used coconut oil instead of the butter.  Wow!  I was glad I did.  The caramel turned out perfectly!  This is a dish that you can definitely taste the coconut oil in more than others, but it gives the caramel an amazing flavor you don’t get from your typical caramel made with butter.  I definitely suggest trying this one out!

*Turn this caramel sauce vegan by using soy milk instead of whipping cream!


Homemade Caramel Sauce

Recipe adapted from this one!  Yields 2 cups.


1/2 cup Kelapo coconut oil (or 1 baking stick)

1 cup brown sugar

2/3 cup heavy whipping cream

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


In a small saucepan, melt coconut oil.  Add the brown sugar and whisk until combined.

Whisk in the whipping cream until thoroughly blended (a couple minutes).

Mix in vanilla.

Remove from heat and let cool.  Put in the refrigerator to let the sauce thicken to a dipping consistency for apples.


Caramel Apples

Homemade caramel sauce (recipe above)

As many apples as you plan to make, cold

1 stick for each apple

Toppings of your choice (chocolate chips, crushed nuts, crushed oreos, crushed heath bars, etc.)


Wash apples and remove the stem from each apple.  Insert stick in the center of the apples.

Dip each apple in caramel and turn to coat.  Place on parchment paper and put in refrigerator until caramel had hardened to your desired consistency.  Repeat this process a couple times or until you have a thick layer of caramel on each apple.

Spread out your toppings on different plates and roll each caramel apple in the toppings of your choice.


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