2013 Kentucky Derby

I'm Betting on Charming Kitten!

Around this time last year, I was in Key West sipping on Mint Juleps in a tropical themed bar surrounded by ladies in big hats watching the Kentucky Derby…those were some good memories. Since no vacations are planned this year, I’ll be throwing together some appetizers and watching the races at home with my boyfriend and friends. I took a peak at the names of the horses and profiles so I can place my bets accordingly and came across some pretty interesting names! Between Black Onyx, Golden Soul, Overanalyze, Itsmyluckyday, and Charming Kitten, my attention was definitely caught. I’ve decided to be rooting for Charming Kitten for this race…crossing my fingers my bets pay off!

With the many uses and benefits of coconut oil, I have always wondered if some trainers/horse owners incorporate it into the preparation that goes into the Kentucky Derby. Let’s take a look at how coconut oil can be used with horses:

  1. Make your own all-natural horse feed: If you make your own all-natural horse feed, try adding coconut oil into the mixture to incorporate healthy fats.
  2. Condition mane and tail: Massage coconut oil into the mane and tail of the horse to keep soft and shiny.
  3. Reduce Dandruff: Areas such as the tail bone may contain dryness and dandruff. Rub coconut oil on the affected areas to help reduce this problem.
  4. Cleaning: Try using coconut oil as a cleaner for tack and leather conditioner for saddles, reins, and bridle.
  5. Keep coat moisturized: Rubbing your horse down with coconut oil may help with eliminating dryness and keep a moisturized, shiny coat.

Of course, I will be making the famous Mint Juleps, along with goat cheese and caramelized onion flatbreads, spinach and feta quiches, and mini mimosa cupcakes for dessert! What are your plans for the Kentucky Derby? Do you have a big hat to wear for Saturday’s race? Best of luck to all those placing bets this weekend! I’ll be keeping our Kelapo elephant close by this weekend since an elephant with its truck raised is a sign of good luck!


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