How to Clean your Paintbrush

Paintbrush Before

If you follow our blog you’d know that I wrote yesterday about how to create a unique themed dessert for a birthday party. My suggestion was to have a painting themed birthday party because it allows kids to express their creativity. Most parents know that hosting a birthday party can be stressful, overwhelming and messy, especially if it involves paint. My tip for hosting this kind of a party would be to ensure that you put old sheets or old tablecloths wherever the painting will take place.

Now after all parties there includes the clean-up process, this is the part of the party that I dread the most. With having a painting party there will most likely be dried paintbrushes that you will need to clean after all the kids have gone home. If you have ever tried to clean a paintbrush you know that it can be a nightmare. It seems that no matter how much soap you use or how long you soak it there is still paint residue. However, I have found the miracle that will eliminate the extra work. Coconut oil helps to remove dried paint in under a minute! Here’s my technique:


Paintbrush After

  1. Using approximately a teaspoon of coconut oil rub it through the bristles of the paintbrush.
  2. Using warm water run the brush underneath the water gently clearing the bristles of the paint.
  3. When all of the paint have been removed wash the paintbrush with a mild soap and allow to air dry.

I tried using coconut oil on my paintbrush when it seemed like nothing else was helping to remove the dried paint. I was amazed as to how easily the paint came off of the brush. I washed the paintbrush with a mild soap after using the oil to completely remove the oil from the brush. If the oil stays on the brush it may cause your next painting to be slightly oily which could potentially ruin it. I like this technique for after a painting party since the brushes have been sitting for a little bit of time and the paint has dried to the bristles. Coconut oil would also be great to use on paintbrushes of which you paint your walls of your house.

Do you use coconut oil for anything unique in your home?


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