How To: Clean your Shower with Coconut Oil

There are so many products out there for cleaning, where do you even begin? One smells like limes while the other lemons but they all have one thing in common, harmful chemicals! Now, since having a child I like to keep the “chemically cleaners” to a bare minimum, so I love using natural things for cleaning. I’ve found that vinegar works well for cleaning many different surfaces and I have just recently discovered that coconut oil is a great cleaner as well!

So you may be wondering “how can coconut oil clean my shower?”, well coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties which helps with sterilization. I personally try to get my shower extra clean, if that is possible, because my little guy takes a bath almost everyday. I don’t know about you but he loves to get dirty, especially when he spends the day with his daddy, so it is very important to me to properly clean his tub. Let’s take a look at how to clean with coconut oil!


  1. Rinse tub of any excess dirt.
  2. Apply 1 tablespoon Kelapo Coconut Oilonto a damp washcloth.

    Clean Shower

  3. Rub washcloth in a circular motion all around tub to evenly distribute oil.
  4. Rinse tub thoroughly with warm water.

This process is SO simple and yet so effective! I have found that not only does the coconut oil remove any dirt marks but it also leaves my tub sparkly clean, and who doesn’t love that?! During the process of cleaning your tub you may need to add more oil to your washcloth as the oil tends to soak into the towel a little bit. Another tip of mine would be not to use your tub shortly after you have cleaned it. If you are familiar with coconut oil you know that it is a bit slippery, it is an oil, so allow your tub enough time to “dry out” from this cleaning process.

Overall I love to now clean my tub with coconut oil. I do think that next week I will try mixing baking soda and coconut oil together since baking soda has some good cleaning properties as well! Have you ever tried cleaning anything with coconut oil? What did you think about the results?



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