Dinner for Two? Not a Problem!

Two things plague my kitchen – halving recipes and lost measuring cups. Seriously, it’s a problem! Because there’s only two of us, I’m constantly trying to cook for just us and not for the usual six to eight in a recipe (because that would be a LOT of leftovers!). To make my life, and now yours, easier, I wanted to share some tips on how to half a recipe (because who knew, really, what half of 1/3 cup was?).

Whether you'd cooking for two or lost your cups, we've got you covered!

Don’t have a tablespoon to measure that delicious coconut oil with? Not a problem anymore! Because I’ve included in this handy graphic is how to get around lost measuring cups. Even though we combined kitchen utensils, somehow I have two 1/2 tablespoons but no 1/2 teaspoons.

Speaking of measuring coconut oil, how great is it that you can replace butter or other oils in a simple 1:1 ratio. It makes it such a breeze.

Here at the office, we get a lot of questions about what’s the best way to measure our oil for cooking and baking. The answer: any way you want to. The Kelapo Pre-Measured Baking Sticks make it insanely easy to make the coconut oil switch. Each container is half a cup and scored like butter into tablespoons. We do suggest keeping this in the fridge to turn the coconut oil in a solid for cutting. However, coconut oil can also be measured as liquid.

What other kitchen tricks to you use for your household?


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