How to: Protect Your Skin During Changing Seasons

It’s the countdown to fall, which brings cooler weather to our overly humid climate here in Florida. This is personally on of my favorite seasons of the year. Honestly, I feel like this season comes so fast which can make the weather change in an instant. One day it can be beach weather and the next day it can be cool and dry. So, how do you protect your skin during the changing seasons? My secret for all things skin is coconut oil! Whether I have a sunburn or am visiting a drier climate and my skin is flaky, I always have coconut oil on hand.

Even though it is the end of August and most people are going back to school and the cooler weather is coming, it is still bright and sunny here in Florida. We are still

Did you get caught out in the sun too long? Coconut oil and aloe can help save the day!

experiencing beach days this late in the year but I always make sure to treat my skin properly. I apply sunscreen whenever going to the beach and if for some reason I experience a burn I use coconut oil. Coconut oil helps to prevent redness and itchiness in a burn. It also helps to relieve dry skin associated with a burn and leaves you skin feeling smooth and moisturized. You can read about Jen’s personal experience using coconut oil on her sunburn and if you do experience a burn, Kayla’s combo of coconut oil and aloe vera helps to soothe your skin.

If you are living in a drier climate or in a state that the weather seems to get chilly quickly you may want to keep reading. How much of a pain is it that your skin breaks and cracks in that type of weather? I recently went to Colorado and could not believe how dry it left my skin! Literally my elbows, knees, legs, hands and lips were either dry or cracked. Lucky I was travelling for work and had lots of coconut oil to help relieve the dryness. Immediately after applying the oil to my skin I noticed increased moisture. You can also use coconut oil on dry hair if that is something you struggle with. Try this hair mask for full coverage or if you just need to improve your splits ends try this!

Whether the weather is hot or cold, coconut oil can be your new go to item of choice. How do you use coconut oil at home?



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