How to Relieve Pain and Skin Irritation Caused by Sunburns

Grab a jar of Kelapo, a washcloth, and some green tea to get started!

Spring break just passed and Summer is on its way! Having fair skin is never an easy thing to deal with in the summertime… in Florida. So I am always on the lookout for new tips and tricks to prevent sunburns or relieve the pain caused by sunburns (for me, sunburns are inevitable). It is always a plus when the ingredients are all natural too!

Coconut oil is always my go to ingredient to relieve the pain and it works great, but I recently found out that green tea is also a great way to relieve pain, redness, and skin irritation from your sunburn. Coconut oil and green tea both contain natural anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe painful, red skin. Here are a few great ideas to combine the two ingredients and relieve the pain from your sunburn a little bit quicker:

Green Tea and Coconut Oil Cold Compress

Freshly brewed green tea

1-2 tablespoons Kelapo Coconut Oil, depending on how much green tea you brewed

Soft washcloth

More Kelapo for moisturizing

Mix coconut oil into hot green tea. Let green tea cool and soak a soft, clean washcloth in the tea mixture. Wring out excess liquid and gently pat washcloth on sunburnt skin. Let skin air dry, so you don’t wipe away any of the green tea or coconut oil. Once skin is dry moisturize with more coconut oil to help avoid peeling.

Green Tea and Coconut Oil Bath

Warm bath

Kelapo coconut oil

10-20 green tea bags

Fill bath with luke warm water, don’t make it too hot. Hot water and a sunburn don’t mix. Throw the green tea bags in and a few spoonfuls of coconut oil and soak in the bath for a while. After you get out of the bath, air dry and then moisturize with more coconut oil to keep your skin from getting dry and peeling.

Green Tea Spray

Freshly brewed green tea

Spray bottle

Kelapo coconut oil

Let the green tea cool. Add tea to spray bottle and store in refrigerator. Spray a light mist of cold green tea over skin to help alleviate pain and redness. Let skin air dry. Moisturize with coconut oil.

What are your favorite tricks to help relieve a sunburn?

–          Jen

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