How to Store Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This is a question we answer nearly on a daily basis, in and out of the office. I can understand why – it is alarming that a solid jar or stick of coconut oil would suddenly turn liquid and all you did was drive home from the store! Have no fear, all your storage questions are here.

Do I have to put it in the fridge?

No. Extra virgin coconut oil can stay in your pantry, cupboard or cabinet (yes, I’m talking to all you apartment dwellers like myself) without any adverse effects. We only suggest putting the Kelapo Pre-Measured Baking Sticks in the fridge to keep them a solid so you can cut them easier.

What temperature does coconut oil melt? 

Whether in the fridge or in the pantry, extra virgin coconut oil is still the healthier alternative!

It really doesn’t have to be a hot Tampa summer to get coconut oil to melt. The pure, white coconut oil will become a liquid at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. This is one of the reasons I love using it on my skin because it just melts in your hand. If the aforementioned Baking Sticks are too solid, just put them at room temperature for a few minutes and voilà, all is right in the baking world again!

How long will coconut oil last?

The shelf life of coconut oil is about two years – but if you can keep it stocked for that long without replacing it, I want to give you a few more recipes of ours to try! Using amber jars – like you see in our Kelapo 8oz, 14oz, 15oz and 29oz – protect the oil from light which helps prolong the shelf life. We also get asked about coconut oil “going bad.” I have to say, it’s a pretty resilient superfood – as long as you don’t put water in the jar. It’s important to make sure the spoon, knife, fork, spatula, or utensil of choice is dry when scooping out the desired amount. Introducing water, like in many dark, warm places, it can promote mold growth. Which I don’t have to tell you, is bad.

Basically, store it where it fits best or is most convenient, it becomes a solid or a liquid at 76 degrees, and don’t put a wet spoon in the jar. Three simple rules to enjoying coconut oil in all your delicious dishes!

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