Racing To The Top In Indy

Kelapo For The Win!

In the heart of racing country, the Kelapo team was already in the fast lane meeting new and old coconut oil fans. Our first stop on Wednesday was in downtown at The Chef’s Academy where we met with an instructor about using Kelapo in the kitchen classrooms. How exciting to teach tomorrow’s chefs about using Kelapo Coconut Oil! He was excited we stopped by because he already used coconut oil in his own cooking.

We then made friends at the Good Earth Natural Foods; this store has been in Indianapolis for over 40 years! If you’re in need of our baking sticks – this is the place to go! To wrap up a perfect day, we stopped by CrossFit Naptown to handout samples and talk about the benefits of coconut oil to some pretty hard working folks. You could break a sweat just WATCHING them workout! And because our oil is Paleo Diet friendly, it’s safe to say we made a few more Kelapo Fans there.

Thursday took us to one of my favorite places, the Humane Society of Indianapolis. It is one of the biggest I’ve ever seen and has been helping find forever homes for animals for over 100 years in the city. My family almost always adopted from shelters, so this really meant a lot that we could give some of our coconut oil to these animals. Coconut oil is great for fur, skin rashes, and so much more for our furry friends. I know my own dog would give up his bone for a teaspoon of Kelapo!

Pets Love Coconut Oil, Too!

This was also day one of the 500 Festival – something about Indianapolis makes the time go by so fast! Our elephant made a special appearance and got to wear the Indy 500 winner’s wreath. I couldn’t believe it’s made of real flowers! No surprise, our Soy-Free Non-Stick Spray was a huge hit with the crowd. I never get sick of people’s reaction when I tell them about the many, many, MANY uses for coconut oil.

I think the most exciting part for me is my interview on WISH TV, a local TV station here in Indianapolis. I’m making Kayla’s Banana Foster Protein Shake, a great morning breakfast for this weekend’s race. We’ll post it on our YouTube page so you can see how to make it yourself!

Believe it or not, this year’s race has over 35,000 people registered and is one of the largest in the country! That’s a lot of new Kelapo Fans to reach out to. Friday’s expo at the Indiana Convention Center is all day, which is great because we have a lot to say about coconut oil!

– Michelle

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