Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwich

As a child I remember eating grilled cheese sandwiches with a tall glass of ice cold milk, sometimes literally. I liked my milk so cold that I would add ice cubes to make the milk extra cold. It was delicious, especially with the ooey gooey cheese from the sandwich. Like most kids, I grew up with my grilled cheese bread spread with butter, however I now enjoy grilled cheese with coconut oil. I honestly think it makes the bread crispier and gives the sandwich a delicious flavor.

There are many combinations of grilled cheese sandwiches. You can have a traditional grilled cheese or try it with added bacon and cheddar! I recently saw a picture of a jalapeno popper grilled cheese sandwich and I was intrigued. Although jalapeno poppers aren’t the healthiest for you they taste mighty darn good! I bought my ingredients and got started on my own creation of the sandwich.


Yields 1 sandwich 

2 slices of bread; of your choice

2 green onions; chopped

1 japaleno pepper; cut to your liking

2 tablespoons fat free cream cheese

Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese

1 slice colby jack cheese

Kelapo Coconut Oil cooking Spray


  1. In a small bowl combine green onion and cream cheese. Blend until combined.
  2. Place a pan on medium heat. When hot, spray pan with Kelapo coconut oil cooking spray.
  3. Spray both sides of each slice of bread with Kelapo coconut oil cooking spray, this makes for the best flavored grilled cheese.
  4. Spread cream cheese mixture evenly onto each slice of bread. Add cut jalapeno to one slice of bread and sliced cheese to the other slice.
  5. Combine both sides of bread to make a sandwich and place into pan. Cook evenly on both sides, about 2 minutes on each side or until sliced cheese becomes melted.
  6. Serve with a tall glass of milk!

Not only was this fun to make because it was different, but it also tasted delicious. If you love a kick to your sandwich I highly recommend this grilled cheese. The melted cheese along with the cream cheese and jalapenos tasted just like a jalapeno popper that you would get at a restaurant, if not better! The crispy bread from the added coconut oil gave the illusion of the fried versions in restaurants as well. This isn’t a typical healthy lunch however I am tracking my calories so the breakdown of this sandwich is as follows:

254 calories, 8g fat, and 32g carbs

Do you have a favorite recreation of an “unhealthy” food made healthier?


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