Jasmine Coconut Oil Skin Polish

My skin is always dry. It doesn’t matter if it is spring or summer, humid or arid, my skin is like the desert. I know, deep down, I have soft skin just waiting to join the rest of the world. My vanity cabinet, much to my boyfriend’s dismay, is full of lotions and magic potions to help cure me of my dry skin. Most of which I have ditched because the first ingredients is often alcohol – which does not help in the slightest.

Skin Polish Ingredients

The ingredients are simple, but the results are outstanding!

Exfoliating is a great way to help remove some of the dead skin, but you can forget about a salt scrub, in less you don’t mind shaving for, oh I don’t know, the next three months! I like sugar scrubs, but sometimes it’s too course for my sensitive skin. But one night, during my daily Pinterest excursion, I found a skin polish from Camp Wander and immediately knew I had to give it a try with Kelapo Coconut Oil

The cornmeal is a much smaller grain than sugar, but does get the job done. To make mine more spa-like, I added jasmine essential oil which gave it a nice floral scent but not overpowering. The recipe below makes a LOT of skin polish, so you have plenty to share with friends or family. I’m using my extras as Mother’s Day presents!

What you need:

2 cups Kelapo Coconut Oil (I used our Baking Sticks for easy measuring)
1/2 cup avocado oil
1 1/4 cup cornmeal
Essential oil (optional)
4 8oz jars for storage

Tied up with a ribbon and ready to share.

1. Soften Kelapo Coconut Oil by heating to room temperature. It shouldn’t be a complete liquid, but more of a soft solid.
2. Whisk in avocado oil until mixed in a large bowl.
3. Blend in cornmeal. The cornmeal will soak up the oils and make it grainy.
4. Add essential oils. I had to use a total of 15 drops of my jasmine, but you may use more or less depending on how strong or light you want to go with your fragrance.

This particular recipe yields four 8oz jars. I did, of course, have to keep one for myself. I used it in the shower in the place of my regular sugar scrub and I loved it! I even put it on my face which made it so smooth – plus I smelled like a spring garden! Hope you enjoy this and share the love. Need other DIY gifts for mom? Try our Lotion and Summer Body Scrub. How are you making Mother’s Day special?


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