Kelapo featured in Conscious Box

I can't wait to open it!

It’s Friday the 13th! Ah!  Those who have paraskevidekatriaphobia (the fear of Friday the 13th) might not like today, but my day didn’t start off so bad.  The mail came to the office today and included was a nice little package just for me.  Since Kelapo is being included in the January edition of Conscious Box, they sent us one to check out.  I must say it is a really nice and well packaged subscription box. I can’t wait to dig in to all of the new products as soon as I’m done with this blog!

For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, Conscious box is a monthly subscription box that includes pure and sustainable products, just like Kelapo.  Kelapo is certified organic and fair trade approved.  We even included a coupon code for Conscious box subscribers who try it out and love our coconut oil (Hint hint: If you didn’t get a January box, you might be able to make out the coupon code in the picture below).

Love all of the tips when first opening the box!

The Conscious Box theme for January is “Renew Your Intentions.”  They describe this as “a time for celebration, reflection and renewal. Take the month to acknowledge the accomplishments & challenges you experienced last year. Create new intentions for a

future filled with your dreams of today—manifested into the realities of tomorrow.”

So when I finally dug in, the first thing I saw when I opened the box is a ton of great information and tips.  This included a list of all

products included in the box, 3 ways to make 2012 the beginning of a new world, and 5 fun ways to reuse your Conscious Box.  Plus, if you reuse your conscious box and post a picture on their Facebook you get a bonus item in your box for the next month!  I will

I already love all of these products!

definitely have to think of a cool way to reuse our box.  Their ideas are:

  1. Plant a flower in it and watch it grow through the box’s window.
  2. Shred the boxes for a great base for creating compost.
  3. Customize and upcycle!  Use them as a canvas for pens, pencils, scissors, or any other art supplies.  You can even draw and design the outside of the box to fit your own style.
  4. Use the box’s window as a one-of-a-kind picture frame.
  5. Fill it with tissues and pull them right out of the box’s window.

Lots of great ideas.  I love number 4.  So cute!

After reading through all of that I got to the products.  So many amazing products included.  Not just a couple like you might expect.  Included in the box was a thinkThin crunch bar, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, vegan parmesan, magnesium oil, organic and fair trade

20% off Kelapo!

tea, cleansing wipes, an organic, raw bar, natural baking soda tooth powder, Golden Earth perfume from nature, 100% natural energy bites, sacred chocolate, compostable plasticware, and of course Kelapo coconut oil.  Then at the bottom there is a ton of coupons!

Gotta love coupons!

Can you think of a great way for us to reuse our Conscious Box?


– Jen



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