Kelapo Coconut Oil Plantains


We had such a blast at the Americas Food and Beverage Show in Miami last weekend! I even learned something new. I’ve had plantains in chip form, but had never cooked one myself before. When we decided to serve fried plantains at our show booth to match the South American theme, I did some major research to find out just how to make the perfect plantain.

It turns out plantains are a vegetable, not a fruit. They look just like a banana on steroids, and are super hard to open without a sharp knife. Once you get it open, it’s much sturdier than a banana, and must be cooked to be enjoyed. I decided that they remind me of a cross between a banana and a potato, because they have a very starchy quality to them. It took me a few tries to cook them perfectly, but with the supervision of our Columbian booth model (Thanks Diana) I think I got it down!

Here’s how we wow’d em with our Kelapo Coconut Oil Fried Plantains:


2 large green plantains

¼ cup Kelapo Coconut Oil

Salt, to taste


Since booth space was tight, we brought our portable griddle, but this would work great in a frying pan too!

Slice open plantains with a very sharp knife. Cut into very thin slices, about 1/16th of an inch. Heat coconut oil in frying pan until it sizzles when flicked with water. Add plantain slices and cook 1-2 minutes before turning. Remove each slice and place on hot griddle or second hot pan. Cook until slightly browned and flip, browning the other side. Drain on paper towels and sprinkle with salt. Serve hot (Trust me, they are NOT good once they have cooled down!)

These would make a great snack (dipped in sour cream) or as a side dish with your favorite Mexican entrée.



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