Kelapo featured in Gourmet News


Kelapo featured in Gourmet News!

In the May 2011 issue of Gourmet News, Kelapo was featured in an article on coconut oil!  The article explains that virgin coconut oil “has not been chemically treated, helps maintain the cholesterol balance and contains a relatively benign saturated fat called lauric acid.”  Erin was interviewed for the article and referring to the recent New York Times article on coconut oil she said, “the effect [of the article] has been huge.”

“The taste angle echoes the thrust of Kelapo’s store demonstrations. ‘We do pumpkin cake with cream cheese, and a smoked pear and grilled cheese sandwich, or sweet potato chips,’ says Meagher, who also speaks at culinary schools on behalf of her product.”

“The brand’s 8-oz jar is the smallest on the market, an affordable and welcoming trial size for new users.”

Read the full article on page 7!



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