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Happy Kitchen Klutzes of America Day! Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter our Kitchen Klutzes Contest for a chance to win a Kelapo Prize Pack!  We had a lot of good laughs reading the stories over lunch.  We have our winner, but first take a look at our favorite entries!


My Kitchen Klutz story goes back to when I was first learning to cook back in grade school. I was going to make jello for dinner and put some water on to boil. What could be simpler than making jello, right? I probably didn’t stir the hot water with the powdered mix long enough, and I added the cold water too soon. Well, it turned out unfit to eat. It was grainy, tough and wasn’t smooth at all. I didn’t try it again for a long time!

– Denice, MO


One day I was planning on using my oven to roast a chuck roast.  I don’t use the oven that much for cooking, so I used the oven for storage.  I took out all the pots, pans, and Pampered Chef microwave cookware; at least I thought I did.  I preheated the oven to 350 degrees as I was preparing the chuck roast.  About 10 minutes later I see huge flames in my oven through the glass front.  I had no idea why.  I turned off the oven and left the door closed thinking the fire would go out if it didn’t get any air, but it kept flaming. I grabbed my kitchen fire extinguisher, opened the oven door carefully and put out the fire.  My fire alarm went off finally, but the fire was contained.  I looked in the oven and saw this thick, black stuff at the bottom of the oven and all I could smell was something like a burning tire (a disgusting smell). Looking around I figured out that I had left my black 3 quart silicone-based microwave pot in the oven and that is what melted and caught fire. I waited a couple days before I cleaned the oven. That was a big mistake because the fire extinguisher residue had baked into the stove walls.  It took me days to clean that oven.

– Richard, NC


I think that one of my favorite stories is making chili for my son’s birthday — I had everything going well and then I reached for the chili powder, only it wasn’t chili powder. I instead added 4 Tablespoons of cinnamon into the chili instead! My whole family ate it, but no one had seconds. It was the most horrid tasting chili I have ever had!

– Mandi


There was the time I made cornbread and couldn’t figure out what was wrong when the result was white instead of yellow ~ I’d forgotten to put in the cornmeal ~ duh!

– Monica


We had just gotten married and I had just started cooking a lot. I was going to make peach cobbler. I didn’t know the difference at that time in all purpose and self rising flour. The recipe called for self rising, but I used all purpose. That was a doughy mess :) My husband ate it anyway though with a smile :)

– Shanna


The Runner Up is…


This is an easy one!  A house full of guests for Easter….The Famous Creme Brulee French Toast… It required you to soak the recipe overnight in the fridge. An easy throw in the oven kind of breakfast for a crowd…We used a 13×9 Glass baking dish.  Well…..Let’s just say that I did not know the baking dish had to come to room temperature before entering the preheated oven…. I woke a few people up that morning with gun-like sounds coming from the kitchen! Thank god for oven doors!  The shattered glass and sticky caramel were everywhere!  Fun times……

We went out to eat that morning…My oven is still scarred to this day!  My family jokes with me, and I have received like 6 glass baking dishes since then for gifts….HA HA HA!  Real Comedians!

– Carrie







I had gone out to eat at a Mexican restaurant the day before. I never finish a meal, so I brought my leftovers home in a Styrofoam container. I also added the tortilla chips in with the meal. The next day I noticed that the tortilla chips were not crunchy anymore. I had a bright idea, I’ll heat the chips up in my little toaster oven to dry them out.  Yum, hot chips coming up! I put the chips in the toaster oven and hit the toaster button.  Well a minute later the chips caught fire in my toaster oven. Flames were coming out and burning my kitchen cabinets. I grabbed my fire extinguisher and pulled the trigger. Nothing! The fire extinguisher was empty. I had no idea. FLAMES are getting higher, now the fire alarm was screaming in my ears, dog barking, security people trying to talk to me through the alarm speaker systems. I was trying to think of how to put this fire out. I couldn’t use water because the appliance was plugged in and I couldn’t reach the plug to unplug it. I got a bag of flour and put out the fire with that. The toaster oven was toast and I had to get a new one. I scrubbed down and painted my kitchen cabinet.  What a klutz I am!

– Richard, NC


Kelapo Prize Pack made especially for Richard!


Congratulations Richard!!!! Your prize pack is on the way. Don’t start anymore fires, but just in case you do there is some stuff that might come in handy for the next one 🙂 Your prize pack includes a bag of flour since you’re probably out, ingredients to make s’mores – in case you want to roast marshmallows next time, Cooking Basics for Dummies – so you don’t set your kitchen on fire again and of course a 15 oz jar of Kelapo Coconut Oil!  Enjoy!


– JR

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