Leafy Greens Cafe in St Pete

Pomegranate iced tea

This weekend I deviated from my usual healthy eating and gave in to chicken verde tacos from the Taco Bus and wood fired cheese pizza.  By Sunday, all I wanted was something green and healthy!  Tucked away on the west side of Central Ave in St. Petersburg is a Raw, Vegan restaurant called Leafy Greens.

We started our meal with freshly brewed iced tea.  There are more tea choices than entrees!  I picked the pomegranate because as it said on the menu, it’s a sign of prosperity, fertility, and abundance… of which I’ll take the prosperity and abundance and pass on the fertility for now.  🙂   The loose leaf tea is served in an infuser, which when it makes contact with the rim of your glass, the brewed tea pours from the bottom and is ready to drink.



Leafy Green Salad

For our dinners, we started with their leafy green salad.  A huge heaping pile of greens, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, red onions, with a creamy basil dressing.  The dressing was really, really good, especially because this is a vegan restaurant the creaminess didn’t come from mayo, cheese, or any other traditional creamy source.







Raw Tacos

I guess tacos was the theme of this weekend because for the second time this weekend, ordered the tacos.  However, these tacos weren’t cooked and wrapped in a white flour tortilla, but raw with huge romaine leaves.  The ‘taco meat’ was ground walnuts.  Shredded carrots acted as the cheese.  Cashew hummus gave the taco a softer re-fried bean texture.  On the side, there was a guacamole pineapple sauce.







Real Deal Onion Wrap

My better half had the “Real Deal” one of their more popular menu choices.  The fillings were quite similar to my tacos but instead of a large lettuce wrap, it was wrapped in an onion bread to look like a burrito.  The onion bread is unique in that it isn’t cooked, again raw restaurant, but the onions are marinated in vinegar over night, then dry ingredients are added, and it’s spread out very thin and dehydrated.  Extremely hard to make accurately but very healthy.






Chocolate Macaroon

We couldn’t resist temptation and gave in to dessert- chocolate macaroons and apple cobbler.  They also have two flavors of cheesecakes.  Guess what makes their cheesecakes creamy?  Coconut oil!  Yup, you guessed it.  Coconut oil is obviously a must have item in all raw and vegan kitchens.

Hopefully, we’ll make it back out to Leafy Greens again.  It’s quite a drive from our house but worth it.  What’s your favorite Raw/Vegan restaurant where you live?





Apple Cobbler




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