National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week

With Thanksgiving just a week away I saw it imperative to dedicate a day to making awareness for others who are in need. National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week is celebrated in the US each year a week before Thanksgiving and with good reason. There are 42 million people in the United States alone close to suffering from hunger and 549,000 Americans who do not have a roof over their heads for even just one night. Those statics are staggering to me.

What can we do to help these numbers decrease? Kelapo has donated canned goods to our local community, Feeding Tampa Bay, where we were able to provide 451 meals to families in need! While that is an amazing number and we’re very proud there is still so much more all of us can do!

National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week organization has a map where they show all volunteer events occurring in the United States.  Organizations like these provide online tools and resources such as guides that point volunteers to local organizations where they can donate time and/or money. If you are too busy to donate time or if money is tight then help us spread the word to your family, friends, co-workers, and strangers. Word of Mouth advertising doesn’t cost any money and doesn’t involve too much of your time. Simply texting, emailing, and speaking about the cause would greatly assist in getting Americans involved in helping the less fortunate.

Finally, if you’re unable to find any organizations that need volunteers or organizations to donate to, do not fret, our friends at Feeding Tampa Bay are always on the lookout for volunteers to assist them in their endeavors to feeding as many needy people in the Tampa Bay area as possible. With Feeding Tampa Bay, you have the option to either donate funds or volunteer some of your time. They have individual volunteer events, as well a group volunteer events where you could bring your family and spend time together while helping out those in need.

Remember to always be grateful and to keep in mind those who are less fortunate.


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