Natural Remedies for Sun Protection and Sunburn

Natural remedies for sun protection

In this month’s issue of Natural Health Magazine in the Tell Us section they focused on natural remedies for protecting yourself from the sun and soothing your sunburn.  Check out these great tips that include coconut oil from readers around the country:

  • “A big hat protects your face from the sun, and aloe straight from the plant and a vinegar bath soothe buns.  You’ll smell like a salad, but it takes the sting out!
  • Lavender essential oil is great for sunburns – it prevents infection and peeling.
  • A layer of cold, plain yogurt rubbed on burns for 20 minutes does wonders for burned skin.

And the best tip:

  • Coconut oil mixed with shea butter and zinc oxide powder is a gentle and natural sunscreen.”

– Natural Health Magazine, July/August 2012


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What are your best natural remedies to stay sunburn free this summer?

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