Natural Summertime Remedies

Natural Summertime Remedies

Natural Summertime Remedies

Now that summer is in full swing and many of you are out and about with the little ones, sunburn, bug bites, and heat rash are bound to happen. Unfortunately, I have experienced all three of these within the past month and can’t say that I was too happy about it!

Instead of using products that are full of different ingredients and not to mention, having to go out and stock my bathroom with extra unwanted bottles, I turned to coconut oil for relief of these symptoms.

I can’t even begin to explain how well coconut oil works for relief of itchiness, swelling, and unwanted redness. Coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory, which helped tremendously with all three of these stubborn occurrences.  

Here’s how I used coconut oil for all-natural relief –

Sunburn – Living in Florida, getting sunburn is bound to happen. Anytime I end up getting burnt, I make sure to apply coconut oil every hour to my sun-burnt skin. I found the best relief when taking a luke warm shower and then massaging coconut oil into the skin while it’s still semi-damp. The anti-inflammatory properties that coconut oil contain have always helped soothe the skin and also keep redness under control. For added relief, try making my go-to coconut oil and aloe vera gel mixture, which is super cooling!

Insect Bites – Bug bites are one of the worst things that can occur when it comes to itching and it’s SO hard not to scratch. One of my co-workers told me that she applies coconut oil to bug bites for itch relief, so I tried it when I was bit up by mosquitoes and let me tell you – IT WORKED WONDERS! My husband was skeptical at first but after I rubbed his bug bites down, he was a firm believer also. Simply apply coconut oil to any area of the skin that contains a bite and re-apply as needed. I love that there are no chemicals to worry about and you can keep adding as much coconut oil to the skin for itch relief. For little ones, try our frozen bug bite relief cubes.

Heat Rash – I don’t experience heat rash that much, however when I was walking around for hours at theme parks for 4 days a few weeks ago, I ended up getting it pretty bad. I experienced the worst of it by my ankles and middle of my calves, which became extremely itchy once I was back at the hotel. I had my trusty coconut oil travel packets on me, which were a lifesaver for itch and redness relief. I applied the coconut oil to the affected heat rash areas after a warm shower and kept consistent with it throughout the rest of my trip. I made sure to apply the coconut oil in the morning and night, which helped tremendously!

For more Summertime hacks and remedies, be sure to visit this blog. Have you used coconut oil for an all-natural remedy?


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