Niki Taylor Bounces Back After Pregnancy with Coconut Oil

Niki Taylor with son, Rex

In the June 25, 2012 issue of People magazine Niki Taylor is talking about how she was able to lose her pregnancy weight at the age of 37.

“Weight Gained: While pregnant with her fourth child, son Rex, 7 months, cravings hit Taylor, 37, hard. ‘In the last two months, I was craving peanut M&M’s, McDonald’s french fries and Taco Bell. I was going to the drive-through sometimes twice a day,’ says the 5’11” models, who ultimately gained 55 lbs. ‘It was scary.’

Taking it off: After four kids, ‘gravity really starts to set in,’ says Taylor. ‘Bouncing back is totally different.’ To lose 50 lbs., she ate mostly vegetables, chicken and fish cooking in coconut oil, ‘but I’m not a calorie counter,’ she says. ‘You can’t be perfect all the time!’

Body After Baby

What she’s learned: ‘I had [twins] Jake and Hunter, 17, when I was 19, at the height of my career,’ says Taylor. ‘I had to drop the weight in two months. Getting into your skinny jeans should be the last thing you think about when you have this beautiful miracle to focus on.'”

– People Magazine, June 25, 2012






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