Old English Trifle

Happy 4th of July!

We’re celebrating by taking an Old English Trifle recipe and turning it into an American favorite with layers of red, white, and blue.  If you’ve never had a trifle before it’s sugar heaven!  Trifles are layer upon layer of cake, fruits, cremes, and gooey goodness.

For this recipe you will need:

1 homemade pound cake

1 cup Amaretto or any other flavor liqueur

1/2 cup blackberry perserves

1/2 cup strawberry perserves

2 cups fresh strawberries

2 cups fresh blueberries

2 cups Almond milk

1 large box vanilla pudding

1 large container Cool Whip

1/4 cup shaved almonds

Butterless Pound Cake

Butterless Pound Cake

Step 1:  Make a fresh, butterless pound cake by following our coconut oil recipe that we previously featured.  Slice pound cake and even distribute one layer of cake in the bottom of a large trifle dish.  Trifle dishes have high, glass edges to show off the different layers of the dessert.  I found one at Target for about $12.

Layer the bottom with pound cake

Step 2: Pour half of the Amaretto over the pound cake to absorb into the cake.  I’ve heard that if the cake is actually a little bit stale, it will absorb even more!  I choose the Amaretto for this trifle to give it a nice nutty flavor that will contrast with all the fruit flavors coming up next.

Pour Amaretto over the pound cake

Step 3: Don’t forget to taste test the pound cake with Amaretto!  That’s the best part of being the chef!

Taste testing along the way

Step 4:  Spread blackberry preserves over the cake.  After the spread is on, pour on the fresh blueberries.  This is the blue layer for our 4th of July dessert.

Blackberry preserves and fresh blueberries

Step 5: Make the vanilla pudding according to the back of the box.  It should be 3 cups of almond milk and the packet of pudding, stir, and chill for 5 minutes.  While waiting for the pudding to chill, take the time to start putting away some of the ingredients already used and clean up a bit.  No one likes a dirty kitchen!  After the pudding has a firm consistency, spread over top of the blueberries.

Vanilla Pudding

Step 6: The recipe calls for fresh cream for the last layer.  In Britain, they have a very different version of cream than in the US.  For easy purposes, we’re going to use whipped cream, or Cool Whip.  If I were taking this over to my Scottish in-laws for the 4th, I probably would have gone out of the way to make clotted cream but since we’re not this year, it’s Cool Whip all the way.

Use cool whip or clotted cream

Step 7: Repeat!!  Layer the trifle again with pound cake, amaretto, fruit spread, fresh fruit, pudding, and finally cool whip.  To make a red, white, and blue trifle, use strawberry preserves and fresh strawberries on the fruit layer.

Fresh strawberries layered on top of strawberry jam.

Fresh strawberries layered on top of strawberry jam.

Step 8:  After layering the cake for the second time, finish off the trifle with a sprinkle of shaved almonds.

The finishing touches

That’s it!  You’re all finished.  Not that bad for an impressive dish that you can take to your holiday cook-out.  Happy 4th of July to everyone!  Have a safe and enjoyable day off.

Old English Trifle- 4th of July Style



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