Oxygen Magazine’s 5 Coconut Oil Benefits

Recently Dr. Natalie Pennington posted a great article on OxygenMag.com about 5 great coconut oil benefits.  Read below to find out what she had to say and about the great benefits of coconut oil!


“I love everything tropical and coconuts definitely fall into that category. When I think of a coconut, I imagine myself laying on a beautiful sandy beach with a coconut in hand while I’m sipping its refreshing juice from a straw. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, not only coconut juice itself but also fats and oils from the coconut are great for you! Make sure you use virgin coconut oil only. The type of saturated fats in this type of coconut oil is easily absorbed by the body and used for energy. Here are some more benefits of coconut oil or fats!

  1. Helps with Digestion by coating the membrane of the digestion tract.
  2. Antiviral and antimicrobial. Has lauric acid which converts to monolaurin which helps the body fight against viruses.
  3. Speeds up Metabolism.  As a triacylglyercol oil it goes to the liver and is converted to energy which speeds up the metabolism. Also, more bile is produced which breaks down fat.
  4. Good for Skin and Hair. Treats eczema, dandruff, and dermatitis. Mix 4 tbsp of coconut oil with a quart jar warm water and pour over hair and scalp. Leave it for 24 hours then rinse. You’ll notice a huge difference in how moisturized your scalp and hair look and feel.
  5. Poison Antidote for aluminum phosphide poisonings. This is found a lot as an ingredient in pest control.

Give coconut oil a try. You’ll love the mild flavor and the nutritional benefits are great.”

–          Dr. Natalie Pennington, Oxygen Magazine, May 2012

Excerpt taken from OxygenMag.com

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