The Rachael Ray “Non-Diet”

Rachael Ray

Since lots of us are trying to eat healthier in the new year and possibly trying out some crazy diets, we thought we’d spotlight some of the latest diets in the news. My personal pick? The Rachael Ray “Non-Diet.” Of course you know I love my celebrity chefs. But Ms Ray seems to make a lot of sense with this plan, and I love it because nothing is totally off-limits. Basically, everything in moderation, with the addition of exercise. It’s the way I try to live my life already!  Let’s take a look at the rules (with my suggestions added):


  1. If you know gluten is a problem for you, don’t eat it. Same with any other food. Learn from your body and your past mistakes with food. Avoid foods that make you feel bad or foods you know you can’t eat in moderation.
  2. Don’t eat if you aren’t hungry. However…
  3. Don’t skip meals. (I’m assuming that means if you are hungry. See Rule #2)
  4. Use your head and think HEALTHY! Don’t eat too much fast food (if you must, no Super Sizing!) Drink lots of water and not soda, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Don’t just sit around, get in some moderate exercise as often as possible. This is as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, getting out of that desk chair often, or going for a brisk walk after dinner instead of plopping in front of the TV. Make a date to do something active with friends instead of always going for happy hour.


I’m no dietician, but I love this no-stress plan. However, make sure you have the self-control to make it work. Looks like it’s working for Rachael!

Now if we can just get her to start using evCo!


– Alison

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