Retailer Spotlight: Health Mutt

Health Mutt is a natural pet market and dog wash in the historic district of Seminole Heights, FL. Stop in to pick up a jar of Kelapo for your furry friend.

Stop by Health Mutt to learn about all of the great benefits coconut oil can provide your furry friend.

6116 N. Central Ave (Seminole Heights)
Tampa, FL 33604

1 813.231.3137

Tues – Fri: 10:30 – 7:00

Sat: 10:00 – 5:00

Carries: 14oz and 29oz jars of Kelapo extra-virgin coconut oil

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1.      What makes Health Mutt unique?

Health Mutt focuses on giving your pet the best quality of life possible. If your pet has any type of issue (big or small) we can give you a variety of options to help- whether it be food, supplements, home remedies, or a combination of all three- while also keeping in mind your budget. We pride ourselves on our customer service and commitment to nutrition.

We also have the luxuries your pet enjoys, such as beds, toys, treats, collars, leashes, grooming supplies and more. Many of our products are made in America and created from recycled materials.

The last thing that makes Health Mutt unique is our self-service dog wash. We provide everything you need for the wash (all natural ear and eye wipes, shampoo, towels, etc) and you provide the dog! We clean the mess! It’s a really great bonding experience and there’s no appointment needed.


2.      What do you recommend coconut oil for? Any success stories you can think of?

We recommend coconut oil for such a variety of things! Itchy, dry skin, dogs who are tired of their food and need a little flavor boost, arthritic dogs, dogs who need to lose weight, dogs prone to ear infections…the list goes on and on!

I like coconut oil because it’s dual purpose- you can use it on yourself and on your dog! Jethro, my rescue dog gets coconut oil with his meals to keep his coat shiny (and to get him to eat his dry food- he’s one picky pitbull!) and then I can use it as a moisturizer on my skin and use it when I bake…I even put it on top of my pasta for lunch & it was great!

One of our favorite success stories comes from Manchego, a hound mix who is almost a year old. Manchego had a lot of dandruff, and within a few weeks of getting coconut oil, his skin looked completely different! He isn’t as itchy anymore and his owner, Lucy Ibadulla, says everyone comments in how great his coat feels. She even said there was a difference when Manchego was without the coconut oil for only 3 days while she was out of town!


3.        Are there any great sale days or events coming up?

Not at our store, but we do plan to have a summer wellness event and we are at the Sunday Morning Market in Seminole Heights every 2nd Sunday from 9am-2pm.


4.        What is the most unusual pet that comes into Health Mutt?

We haven’t had too many unusual pets come in yet (we just opened in November) but we do see kitties sometimes! And LOTS of precious puppy dogs!!


5.        Anything else you would like our readers to know about Health Mutt?

We would love to get to know you and your pets! We are located in the historic district of Seminole Heights, right off interstate 275.


Thanks to Kendra of Health Mutt for taking the time to share her store with our readers.  Make sure to stop in and see her!


– Jen

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