Rollin Oats Cooking Class

A few nights ago, Erin and I hosted a cooking class at our neighborhood health food store, Rollin Oats Market in Tampa. While there were some bumps along the way, (the table COLLAPSED under the pressure of my knife one minute before we were scheduled to begin the class and dishes and food flew everywhere!) overall I’d say it was a hit. Erin made a yummy and healthy recipe for Salmon Burgers with Ginger Mayo (the Ginger Mayo may or may not have looked like gross radioactive orange goo. We don’t recommend it!), while I made Goat Cheese Salad Bites and The Best Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes Ever.

While Erin has lots of teaching experience, I had never taught a class before. New respect to my fave TV chefs! It was a little tough sometimes to keep the audience entertained while I was struggling with a slow-heating saucepan or a tedious task like smashing breadcrumbs.

We taught a new and improved version of the Monday class last night at the Rollin’ Oats in St. Pete.

The classes were a great blend of people who were coconut oil cooking veterans and newbies (some had a jar sitting at home but never figured out how to use it) and it got me thinking about this blog.

How many of you came here wondering what to do with that coconut oil jar you bought? Or do you consider yourself a seasoned coconut?


 – AM

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