Sexy Foods

Women’s Health Magazine just published their list of “Sexy Foods” so I thought I would share them with you:

1.Chocolate (triggers serotonin and endorphins)

2. Coffee (perks up your sex drive)

3. Eggs (contain amino acids that help with erectile dysfunction)

4. Peaches (increase sperm count)

5. Saffron (enhances sexual performance)

6. Steak (enhances sexual performance) Bonus: The scent of a steak on the grill is sure to turn your guy on!

7. Watermelon (increases libido in women)


We are going to go ahead and add unrefined coconut oil to the list!


Researchers in Argentina found that rats who consumed coconut oil had higher testosterone levels than the group which consumed soybean oil. Sexy, huh? Not so much.

However, we do know that higher testosterone=increased libido. Plus, coconut oil is the one food on the list that’s safe for bedroom (ahem, internal) use. Now that is sexy!



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