Shipping Tips For Your Homemade Food Gifts

It’s that time of year where the mailman and the UPS guy are super busy shipping lots of gifts to our loved ones.  One of the most personal gifts you can send your friends or family is their favorite homemade cookie or cake.  Shipping these gifts can be a little tricky though.  You don’t want them to arrived broken, crushed, or stale.  Follow these simple tips to ensure your gift arrives in one piece.


  • Moisture is key – Use coconut oil in place of other oils or butter when baking your tasty treats to keep them super moist and fresh.
  • Pretty packaging – Include a card and wrap the cookies, cake, or brownies in a little cellophane bag with a bow.  Pack inside of a wrapped gift box before putting in your shipping box.
  • Pack securely – Wrap all glass jars in bubble wrap and fill entire box with packing material such as crinkled paper, packing peanuts, or more bubble wrap.  Over pack the box a little to ensure your jar doesn’t move around.
  • Keep cookies fresh – Place cookies securely in an airtight container and include a slice of fresh bread in with the cookies to keep them moist.
  • Speedy shipping – If you are sending fresh baked cookies, cakes, or brownies be sure to mail overnight or 2 day ship to ensure your baked goods are fresh upon arrival.


Check back next week for our recipe for our favorite homemade food gift!

Do you have any great tips for shipping food gifts that I’ve missed?  Help us make sure our loved ones don’t get a box of crumbs for the holidays.


– JR

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