It’s Social Madness Time!

Hello Kelapo Fans! We are excited for a big challenge here in the office – this time, however, it’s outside the kitchen. Yesterday marked the beginning of The Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Social Madness Competition. This online competition is held in several cities around the country with companies, big and small, all vying for a spot in the national bracket (think of it as the March Madness of business). We’re being judged on our social media platforms and because of the love and support we have received from all of you over the past few years, we have been placed in the large category of businesses. This means we have some BIG competition, and we need your help!

We need your help! Vote Kelapo in the Social Madness Competition.

Your vote counts – everyone’s vote matters! Each time you click Kelapo, you’re inching us closer to the coveted top eight companies in our division.

There are a few ways you can get us there. First, you can help us by going on the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s website, create an account, and vote for Kelapo in the large category. Vote once a day – and tell your friends! Second, if you haven’t already, be our friend, fan and follower. The competition is not based solely on votes; the Business Journal also factors in the various interactions you have with us over our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts. These platforms are other ways we share our information, tips and fan photos.

It is with your continued support that we can provide daily recipes, tips and education about extra virgin coconut oil. With your vote, we can reach more people and spread the message about using quality coconut oil and the benefits it can bring.

Now is the time, we need the support of the herd. Get out and vote!

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