Solutions to Seasonal Allergies

As someone who has suffered from springtime seasonal allergies the whole 8 years I’ve lived in Florida, I decided to research how coconut oil might be able to help.

I looked at what sorts of things make for a stuffy day:

  1. Dairy. It’s no secret that milk products cause more mucus production. One easy way to avoid dairy? Replace it with coconut! Coconut milk and coconut oil make great substitutes, and left me feeling less congested.
  2. High pollen count. This one seems unavoidable, but I actually tried putting some coconut oil right inside my nostrils before going outside (defense!), as well as upping my daily internal dose. A stuffy nose results partially from inflammation, which coconut oil can help fight. Walnuts, flax seeds, and fish oil can help, too.
  3. Too much yeast. Coconut oil is great for battling yeast!
  4. Poorly functioning immune system. The lauric acid in coconut oil is said to really improve the immune system.


My conclusion? Coconut oil sure can’t hurt! Have you tried coconut oil for seasonal allergies? Comment below and let me know!


– AM

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