Spicing Up Dinner

Dangerously Hot Salsa Salad

Stuck in the regular dinner rut?  Same here.  We usually always eat salad with the same six ingredients- tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, yellow peppers, and spring onions.  Every once and awhile I’ll add a can of chick peas to the mix.  The salad is so mundane!  I decided to add a little spice instead of dressing it with oil and vinegar.  (Note, I usually use olive oil mixed with a little coconut oil for my salads.)  There was a jar of hot habanero salsa in the refrigerator that would do the trick.  I’d never tasted this particular jar of salsa, but a quarter of it was already gone, so I figured my boyfriend had already used and liked it.

The remaining 3/4 of the salsa got dumped onto the salad and tossed with the fresh veggies and also a can of black beans and brown rice for a southwestern flare. The salad looked crisp and delicious.  When we actually starting eating it, it was anything but!  The hot habanero salsa must have been the extra, extra hot version.  Our mouths were on fire!  I couldn’t stand the heat and gave up on eating dinner.  My boyfriend powered through but was convinced I was trying to kill him with hot sauce!  The idea of salsa as salad dressing is a great idea, but make sure to taste test the flavor of the salsa before adding it to the whole salad!  Next time, I’m going to go with mild.

Have you had any dinner disasters lately?

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