Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Use Coconut Oil instead of Butter

The holidays are a time for cooking, baking, and gathering which means there will be lots of eating! All of this can make it hard to stay healthy, but here are some tips to make your favorite holiday dishes a little bit healthier.

1. You can use coconut oil instead of butter in all of your favorite dishes. It’s a simple substitution of a 1:1 ratio in all of your recipes. Coconut oil can even be used as a spread for potatoes and biscuits.

2. Also, substitute seasonings with high sodium with brands that are sodium free. I personally use Mrs. Dash.

3. Make your favorite desserts in miniatures which will allow you to maintain portion control. I use a Mini Pumpkin Pie recipe to help accomplish this.

4. During the holidays many of us enjoy sugar-filled cocktails, a simple way to cut back on sugar intake is to use “skinny” mixes in these drinks.

5. Many of us drink our calories in various forms of coffee during the holidays. Who can resist all of their holiday flavors? Next time you order try asking for light drinks, ask for skim milk, and ask for no whipped cream.

What are some ways you stay healthy during the holidays?



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