Summer Fancy Food Show 2011

What a show! Erin, Amber, and I just returned from the Fancy Food in Washington DC. I have to say that personally, I enjoyed this show more than any other big tradeshow we’ve done. 3000 food, wine, and beer vendors offering more samples than you could try in a month (and we tried to cram it all into 3 days! Needless to say, my body is glad we are done with that. My tastebuds, however, are still pining for more!) I have never seen so much cheese or chocolate in one place and I’m really excited to try the samples I brought home. I’m most excited about my Jer’s Chocolate Bars, which my awesome friend Jeff hooked me up with. We’ll have to savor them slowly, since we probably won’t get more until our next big show in September!


Some highlights from the show:

The Sofi Awards where Cat Cora was the Key Note speaker

Our dinner at Mie N Yu in Georgetown

The Exhibitor party thrown by New Hope Natural Media

Seeing the fake president Obama (This guy apparently shows up at big events complete with security detail and poses for pictures with people)

The B-list reality “stars” we saw browsing the show floor: DC Cupcake girls, Real Housewives son Albie, and Sophia and Elena from Ace of Cakes.

Callie’s Charleston Biscuits (especially the bacon and black pepper flavor. So much better than refrigerated biscuits, you would never know these are frozen!)

Did you go to the Fancy Food Show? What products blew you away?



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