Summer Sun Solutions

With the summer sun and wanting to get that bronzed glow, sun burns are bound to happen!  Whether you’re catching rays outside, in a tanning bed, or even getting a spray tan, coconut oil is great for adding moisture back into burnt or dry skin. With competing in the bikini division of bodybuilding, I personally love using coconut oil after my spray tan is washed off! I’ve found it to be the best for extending my tan and especially re-hydrating my skin. The fact that it’s all natural and extremely light feeling is a definite plus! Simply

3rd Place Novice Bikini

take a small amount of coconut oil to the desired area and rub into the skin to help restore moisture and provide all day hydration. Allow the coconut oil to soak in completely and then reapply throughout the day as needed. For those of you with sunburned lips, coconut oil will also help relieve inflammation and redness. Simply apply a tiny amount of coconut oil to your top and bottom lip, then rub your lips together lightly to spread the oil evenly.

 – Kayla
Kayla is Coconut Oil Cooking’s new fitness blogger! She competes in vaious bikini body building compitions and knows all about needing stage ready skin, how to stay motiviated during workouts, and will be sharing with all of you tips and tricks for using coconut oil!
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