Summit Events Loves Coconut Oil

Here’s a great blog entry written by our awesome expo west caterer, Pam from Summit Events in Fullerton, CA. These guys were so great– they put out really amazing food and put up with me being super high maintenance (I called them about 5 times a day with minor tweaks to our order.) Here’s what Pam had to say about our product and her experience working with coconut oil recipes for the first time.

“Until a few weeks ago I thought  coconut oil was only for suntan lotion.  Wow was I wrong!  Kelapo Virgin Coconut Oil is a great product to cook with.  This week I have been experimenting cooking  different foods with the coconut oil.  Carrot cake is one of my most favorite sweet things.  I made carrot cake from scratch and just used the coconut oil instead of traditional oil.  What I discovered is the texture of the cake was firm yet light and the flavor was slightly sweet and not heavy in coconut flavor.  I could not stop eating the cupcakes. Another yummy item I tested was roasted fresh vegetables.  Slice fresh carrots toss the carrots in coconut oil and roast them to tender will delight any palate.” -Pam A. from Summit Events

Thank you Pam, Tyler,David, Jon, and the great chefs at Summit!


Everyone loves Kelapo!



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