Sunburn Relief with Coconut Oil


Before applying coconut oil


It’s summertime!  That means school’s out, everyone is boating or at the beach, and for those of us who are blessed with fair skin, lots of sunburns!  I had my first bad sunburn of the summer a couple weeks ago.  It burned like crazy and aloe and lotions were not relieving the pain.  So I decided to try out coconut oil!  I already use it as a moisturizer and to relieve cooking burns, so why not try it for sunburns.


Good news!  It worked like a charm.  My skin was so dry it immediately absorbed it all.  It relieved the stinging and burning sensations and within half an hour it also relieved the red color on my skin.  Even within five minutes the redness decreased!  Plus it smells amazing and its an all natural product, so you don’t have to worry about putting any chemicals on your skin.  This is a big plus for pregnant women who only want to use natural products.  I am definitely going to keep using coconut oil on my sunburns, it is the best product I have found to relieve the burning!


5 minutes after applying coconut oil



I kept putting a little on each day after showers and two weeks later my skin is softer than ever and I never even peeled.  That is a major plus!  Next time you have a sunburn try it out for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed!


– JR





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