Make Coconut Oil Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

I’ve been active my whole life. My family jokes I was born dancing; legend has it I was actually KICKED OUT of the hospital because I was up on my hands and knees rocking in the bassinet. Personally, I think that part has been a little exaggerated. I’ve also been a dancer nearly my entire life; not only is endurance crucial when I’m dancing for hours at a time, so is fueling my body with the right nutrients. A recent study, by the researches at Johns Hopkins, for the first time quantified the importance in four decisive lifestyles for living […]

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St. Pete Rock N Roll Half Marathon

This past weekend the Kelapo team went out to cheer on the runners in the St Pete Rock n Roll Half Marathon! It was FREEZING cold out (a freak 30 degrees with 20mph winds!!) but 8000 runners took to the streets, while Flo Rida performed to keep everyone motivated. We are proud to say that two Floridians won the race,  Paul Nielson, 26, of Orlando, who paced the men at 1:08:58, and Jessica Crate, 26, of Satellite Beach, who led the women at 1:19:05. AMAZING!! We rewarded the spectators and racers with sample packs of Kelapo Coconut Oil. Want a […]