#HolisticMoms Twitter Party

Starting at 10pm tonight, Michelle and I will be here to answer all your coconut oil questions with our #HolisticMoms Twitter Party. Simply log on to your Twitter account and be part of this informational discussion. Come join us to talk with moms across the country that have the same questions you do! We’ll be here to answer all your coconut oil quires and will give away goodie bags to random winners through the #HolisticMoms chat. Make sure to check back tomorrow morning for a re-cap of our Twitter chat and feel free to ask any additional questions on the […]

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Kate Middleton’s Due Date

The Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth any day now and the world is ready for the royal baby to arrive! Although her due date was never publicly released, the U.K. reports are insisting that she is due today, July 13th 2013. As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are enjoying these last few days of pregnancy, swarms of media photographers and reporters have already started camping outside of St. Mary’s Hospital. Although her due date is today this does not necessarily mean baby will be making it’s debut. As all moms out there know, the baby will […]

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Homemade Gluten-Free Lactation Cookies

Being pregnant was one of my favorite times of my life, although my husband will disagree with me ;). I think every woman should get to experience the joy at least once in her life. When you became pregnant there are a lot of things to plan for and save for. A big question that comes up for most new mothers is whether you will nurse or bottle-feed; I am a believer of both as I did both with my son. Many nursing moms don’t realize it can be difficult, but there are ways to help! We had Hybrid Rasta Mama […]

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