buffalo chicken dip

National Chip and Dip Day – Top 5 Chip and Dip Recipes

For the longest time, I had such a love for potato chips – any kind and I would snack away. Now that I have tried to change my eating habits to healthier foods, my chip eating days have diminished. BUT, with it being National Chip and Dip Day today, who could resist? Instead of turning to the usual deep fried potato chips, I decided to make the recipes below for my friends and I to have for a Sunday snack. Not to mention, going through a whole jar of any store bought chip dip isn’t the healthiest for you either. […]

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Buffalo Chicken Dip

With football season well under way it is time to break out all of the recipes for dips and party foods.  One of Pete’s favorites is Buffalo Chicken Dip.  You can buy a packaged one in the store, but we tried that and it was not the best. This past Sunday I tried to make my own and it turned out amazing; 10 times better than the kind you can buy in the store, plus it is soooo easy!  Try this out with our recipes for shredded chicken and homemade tortilla chips made with coconut oil. Remember: This isn’t the […]

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